Festive Market (Ọjà Ọdún)

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Festive Market (Ọjà Ọdún) on Adaba 88.9 fm Akure For enquiries or guides on how to package and advertise your business/products by yourself at a very low cost, contact your receptive friend and staff:

Festive Market (Ọjà Ọdún)

Opeyemi Adeyanju Fatoki



About Festive Market (Ọjà Ọdún ) on Adaba 88.9Fm Akure

Festive Market (Ọjà Ọdún) is a seasonal radio programme that allows business owners, either small or large scale business, talk about or advertise their businesses/products by themselves on Adaba 88.9 FM, Akure.

It is a radio broadcast on which business owners are given access to talk freely in their own styles about what they have in stocks for their customers during festive periods.

Do you have discounts on your products and you want your customers to be aware or you have some new or special brands for them in the yuletide season? Come. With festive market (Ọjà Ọdún) you are in the right place!

You write your script yourself, package it yourself and present it in your own style on the radio– it’s absolutely your time to promote your business/products the way you like.

In this Christmas Season

This self-broadcast is open to you from September 1 to December 31.

Day: Monday to Sunday

Time: peak period in the morning and evening.

Advert Material duration: 02m.00s

Cost implication:


Call your receptive friend and staff above.

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