In Akure: C & S church sealed as member accused prophet of ritual

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When he left me and ran away, I was in the neighborhood. I trekked for many hours but to my surprise, I couldn’t cover more than a short distance. I discovered I was only in a merry-go-round as if the road was blocked against me

In Akure: C & S church sealed as member accused prophet of ritual

The authorities of the Cherubim and Seraphim’s Church in Ondo state has sealed a branch of the church, Edidi Emi C & S Church at Alhaja lane, Ayedun in Akure Ondo State.

The church was sealed was following the report of an investigative panel set up by the authorities of the church over an allegation made by a church member against the branch’s founder and prophet, Prophet Sunday Michael popularly known as ‘Woli Adonai’.

The Church member, Dauda Oluwakemi, while narrating her experience in the church to Omo Edema, had alleged that the prophet used her for ritual.

According to her, she said herself and her husband had financial challenge on their accommodation and when they could no longer bear the pressure of their landlord, her husband left for his younger brother’s house and she too left for the church (the C&S Church) to stay pending the issue of accommodation would be settled.

“One night while I was in the church, I had a dream that I was in a garden and I wanted to pluck fruits. In that dream I decided to pluck in the other side where there were big fruits. So, when I woke up in the following morning, I went to explain the dream to my prophet (Adonai) and he told me it was a glorious dream. But he said that in order to make the glory appear quickly he would need to prepare a ‘sacrificial prayer’ for me.

“I didn’t even bother about his statement at first, but later he informed me that he wanted to have similar prayer with one Barrister (Mrs.) Alabi and that I would be given an opportunity to share from materials meant for the woman, saying because he knew that I didn’t have money to buy my own.

“In May 1 after three weeks or so that I have had that dream, I returned from work and was outside the church when a girl brought money to the Prophet. When the girl left, prophet Adonai told me that the money was brought from Mrs. Alabi and that the money was meant for her prayer. He now added that he would have had the prayer with the woman a long time ago and that I was the one delaying him just because he wanted to do me a favour by allowing me share from the items meant for the woman. I later apologised. He then asked if I would be chanced to go with them for the prayer the following day and I said no problem about that. And he urged me not to inform anybody of the prayer plan for God’s sake, saying members of the church might think we were going out to enable him sleep with me.

“In May 2, immediately I returned from my place of work (restaurant assistant), he now called and asked if we should leave for the prayer place and I told him I would get back to him shortly. I now left for a place far from the church because my mind did not follow him”

Oluwakemi explained further that after she left the church premises, Prophet Adonai called her on phone and asked of her location which she told him.

“It should be around 8pm he came in a car with Barrister (Mrs) Alabi to meet me. The woman drove the car while Adonai seated by her side. I entered into the vehicle with them. In fact the food I was about taking was with me—I couldn’t eat it, thinking I would eat when we finish with the prayer.

Oluwakemi, who said she was having her little baby with her that night, said that the car headed for DAFOG at Ijoka area of Akure.

“We went farther after DAFOG into untarred roads and they parked somewhere by the roadside from where the three of us began to trek to a river in the bush. When we got to the riverside. Adonai now took Barrister down to a distance from me to discuss and they returned. When they returned, the woman took her bath in the river and when she finished up I too took my bath as directed by the Prophet. When I wanted to take my bath, it was the Barrister Alabi that helped me carry my baby.

“After bathing, the prophet poured some powered substance in my hand and told me to lick it which I did. He now informed me that the reason myself and the woman were having the same prayer was because both of us belonged to groups in the spirit realm which were responsible for the challenges of life we face in the physical world. He now brought out a covered white calabash and asked me to carry it and present it to the woman with a statement that ‘ today I present to her the calabash of the wizards of the earth and heaven (Loni mo gbe igba emere aye ohun orun fun o) and I did according to him.

Oluwakemi said that after she had carried the calabash and presented it to the woman, they put it in a nylon bag and Prophet Adonai asked her (Oluwakemi) to carry it along to the vehicle as they were leaving the riverside. She also said all of them later left and the woman drove them to Sunday Bus stop in Ijoka around 10pm where Oluwakemi and Prophet alighted from the car.

“Myself and Prophet Adonai alighted from the car at Sunday Bus stop, Ijoka Akure with the bag of calabash in my hand. Before the Barrister drove off, she gave me ₦500 which I initially rejected but the prophet told me to collect it from her that it was meant for the work I did for her. It was then I took the money.

“I told the Prophet that I thought the woman would go and drop us in the church at Adegbola. But he said something very shocking that we wouldn’t go to church with that calabash with us, adding that wherever the calabash enters, that the place would be desolate. He now question that ‘do I want his church be desolate?’ I was terribly afraid. Meanwhile, the house of my mother in-law was not very far from that point and I thought of going there to sleep that night.

“While I was still thinking, Prophet Adonai stopped a commercial motorcyclist and said it should take us to somewhere inside the street to sleep. When the motorcyclist would drop us, it was in front of a guesthouse.

“Before we entered the guesthouse, he was trying to call a phone number severally but the number seemed not going through. He now asked me to wait for him outside while he entered into the guesthouse. He came back shortly and asked me to enter with him. He took me through a passage around the building and went back alone to follow another passage seemed to be main entrance into the rooms area in the guesthouse.

“I met the room opened. I entered with my baby and sat down. He came back to me with pepper soup and asked me to eat it but I said no. I was much more afraid to see that there were two people in the guesthouse; one young lady and another young guy”

Oluwakemi said they later brought bottles of beer to them and the Prophet offered her to drink which she said she refused. According to her, the Prophet was drinking it alone.

“While he was still taking the beer, he moved to the passage of the room and remarked: the work of the prophet is very powerful! This type of prophetic work we went for…. But while he was still saying it, a call came in to his phone from his mother from the church. He informed his mother that he would not be able to come back to church that night that his wife should lead the congregation in the vigil that would be held.

“I discovered the room was too cold for the little child with me because of the AC. It was around 12am and I now went out in anger to meet him in the passage that why was he doing this to me. He now told me that I should return to the room that he would ask them to come and lower the AC, but I insisted I would not go back to the room.

“While I was still talking with him, the whole light in the guesthouse suddenly went off and everywhere became dark. I screamed loudly, asking if he was the person they told me about in a prophecy. When I was pregnant of the baby in my hand, the wife of the prophet, during a programme in the church, prophesied that I should not follow anybody to anywhere in order not to use me for ritual. When I remember this, I continue screaming heavily. He began to beg me to be patient with him and he took me out of the guesthouse in that midnight. As he was leading me on, he began to chant a statement that sounded like incantation that I have run mad”

Oluwakemi, who said that she discouraged her husband from living with his mother together with herself and their children, said she thought that would enable them think and solve life problems by themselves.

She said when Prophet Adonai was chanting the incantations, she screamed more to attract the attention of residents of the secluded area. According to her, the Prophet later left her and ran away in that midnight.

“When he left me and ran away, I was in the neighborhood. I trekked for many hours but to my surprise, I couldn’t cover more than a short distance. I discovered I was only in a merry-go-round as if the road was blocked against me. After a long trek around I was just meeting myself at the same spot before a building.

“I left the calabash in the guesthouse because my action distracted the whole thing there. I later saw the Prophet and Barrister in the car while I was looking for ways. The vehicle was moving very slowly as if they were searching for me, but I dodged them.

“I was in the neighborhood till daybreak. The first person I saw was a woman. She wanted to run away when she saw me. I now pleaded with her not to run from me that I was not mad. I told her that I was kidnaped. She later helped me with her phone which I used to call a number I knew off hand”

Oluwakemi said she was helpless and couldn’t tell anybody other than the person that came to rescue her. She said she could not go back to the church that morning. But according to her she still went back to the church in the evening to sleep.

“The Prophet later asked me to leave his premises. I managed to go. But since we have gone for that strange activity, I have been sick including the child that was with me. We fall sick regularly. I have been losing my mental stability many times a day.

“ When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I went to explain to my family should in case I die, they would know what has happened to me”, Oluwakemi said.

Reacting to these allegations, the alleged Prophet Sunday Michael (woli Adonai) confirmed to Omo Edema that he knew Dauda Oluwakemi, but he denied she had once told him about any dream she had before.

According to Adonai, “ it is true she was living in the church because of her accommodation challenge. She did not come to narrate any dream to me. I remember I heard that there was a message for her from the church that she should make a sacrificial prayer. I was not even in the church on the day the prophecy came. So she came later to explain to me.

“I could remember she had once come to me and said sometimes something would tell her to stand up and walk away to an unknown destination.

“She was very close to me. She was a member of the choir, a spirit filled woman and vision recorder for the church. She had been following me to such prayers; this was not the first time. Sometimes she would follow me if I wanted to go and perform prophetic bathing at the river for women. When a woman would need to bath, she would not go alone, I would have to take a woman like her along who would be able to guide her”

Prophet Adonai confirmed that he told Oluwakemi that she might belong to a group in the spirit realm—the group he said might be responsible for the reason she was behaving strange. He also confirmed that he told her she would have to share from the sacrificial items to be used for Barrister (Mrs) Alabi’s prayer.

Explaining further, Adonai said: “before the Barrister came for the prayer it was almost a month from the day the vision was seen. So, all of us left around 7pm for Ijoka, Akure. And when we got to the river, both of them took their bath; Lawyer first before Kemi”

The Prophet denied the allegation that he came to the river with a covered white calabash. He said it was a basket full of fruits and candies.

“It was not covered –it was a small basket full of fruits, sweets, shewing gums and the likes. We laid a white cloth inside the basket before putting the items inside it.

“I asked Oluwakemi to carry the basket and present it to the lawyer after bathing as I could not be there with them because both of them were women. I bought the items in the basket myself”

Adonai, who denied taking Oluwakemi to any guesthouse, confirmed that the Barrister gave ₦500 to her, but according to him, the money was given to her for her transport back to the church. He also dissociated himself with the alleged statement that wherever that ritual calabash enters the place would be desolate.

“As we alighted from the car, she said she was going to Abusoro area of Akure. Shortly, she told me that she didn’t understand her body system anymore and she was restless. I wondered and asked what happened to her but she could not explain.

“I didn’t give her any powdered substance to lick at the riverside. What I took along was what I gave to her to drink—it was water from the sea. That is how I normally go with it anytime I’m having such assignment. In fact, we didn’t bring that basket home, we left it at the river”, Adonai claimed.

The prophet, who denied of taking the complainant to any guesthouse, confessed It was true she was screaming at him late night that day.

“It is true she was screaming at me late night that day. I didn’t take her to any guesthouse. She was shouting on me that I took her to work and that now she can’t understand her health again. I now told her to let us go back to the church but she refused. I later ran away when she did not stop screaming at me.”

Asking the man of God where he ran to that night, he said “I ran to the church to inform my wife and some church members. All of us later came back there but we could not find her. I didn’t use her for any ritual—it was prayer we all went for.”

In her own response to these allegations, the alleged Barrister (Mrs) Bukola Alabi confirmed to Omo Edema that she knew Prophet Adonai. According to her, she came to know the Prophet in the year 2016 when he came to her for legal advice on the land he wanted to by for his church.

“He later gave a prophecy that had to do with my personal life which I found to be true.

“I later went to meet him in the church where he prayed for me and told me a message. He further told me that the solution would require a sacrificial prayer. He now called on a lady from the church to estimate the cost of the items needed for the prayer which I paid before leaving the church. That was December 2016.

“Towards the ending of January 2017, Prophet Adonai now called me, telling me that he had been expecting me to come back, but I told him I had been busy”, Alabi said.

Barrister Alabi explained that on the day she went back to have the prayer, she was informed by Adonai that she would need to bath at a river and for that reason, they would need to go with a woman who would be able to guide her.

“When we were about going, he picked up his phone and called somebody. When we got to the person, it was around 5pm and the woman (Oluwakemi) entered with us into the vehicle. In fact, I asked the Prophet that where were we going and he said Ijoka. I now asked why Ijoka. He told me that was where they normally use for such prayers.

“We actually went to a river. After taking my bath, Oluwakemi now carry a small basket, inside which there were shewing gums, sweets, and gave it to me and told me where to drop it by the river. She too bathed. While she was taking her bath, I helped her carry her baby with me”

Barrister denied having a close discussion with the Prophet at the river before taking her bath as Oluwakemi alleged. She said she observed she was the only stranger among them that day. She added that when they were done with the prayer at the river, she took them to where they both alighted because she had informed them that she would not be able to take them back to the church that night.

“I never knew anything concerning what happened after I have dropped them that night. And I was not aware of it. I never came back to the area in the midnight as alleged by the complainant. In fact everybody around me knows that I don’t like going around at night”, Alabi said.

Barrister Bukola Alabi said she knew nothing about the complainant and her child’s predicaments.

Listening to all of them, Omo Edema referred the matter to the authorities of Cherubim and Seraphim Church for discreet view, the result of which an investigative panel was set up by the church to look into the matter.

Mercy-Babs news reliably gathered that the investigation lasted for many weeks and extended to the guesthouse and other relevant people to the matter. It was gathered that Prophet Sunday Michael (Woli Adonai) was found wanting in the matter.

In their report, it was resolved that the Edidi Emi branch of C&S church, Alhaja lane, Adegbola, Akure in Ondo state be sealed off.

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