Choosing colour for your wedding event

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Early colour consideration is part of wedding planning

Choosing colour for your wedding event

Arikeade Damilola

Wedding is simply a marriage ceremony. Like every other ceremony, wedding has its own required standard with respect to culture, religion and location too. It also has its uniqueness with respect to music, dress and colour etc.

It’s being observed over time that many prospective couples do think considering colours for the dress code of their weddings do not really need much attention. They do believe there are other things involved that are much more important than giving attention mere colours. But there is a secret about colour consideration in preparing for your wedding; no matter the location and amount of money estimated to spend on your ceremony, if your colour is odd, the atmosphere of your event may loose its uniqueness.

I have come to realize that many brides/grooms do have difficulties when making decisions on colours for their wedding events. This often happens for two main reasons:
1. Many prospective couples do not know how to combine colours perfectly, and this often causes them unnecessary confusion before the wedding day.

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2. The second reason is that the prospective bride and groom may be having different favourite colours for the same event.

In the second reason above, it is never unreasonable for two people to have different choices. But it is, however, advisable for such intending couple to know how to combine their colour choices to form a unique picture.

Let us look into some different shades of colour:
Red : pepper red, tomato red, horse blood, hot red
Blue : royal blue, sky blue, turquoise blue, navy blue, sea blue
Green : Teal green, mint green, aqua green, army green, leaf green, Nigeria green, bottle green
Pink : baby pink, fuchsia pink, blush pink
Others : purple, lilac, magenta, burgundy, burnt orange, coral, peach, onions, yellow, brown, cream, Grey, gold, white, silver etc


Your best colour: this is a very important factor in choosing a wedding colour. You must try as much as possible to choose a colour you really love because that is all you will see around you during the event. Remember everything around you on your wedding day should make you happy.

I met a bride recently who did not like purple colour and her event planner suggested purple for her event. And when she saw the wedding pictures later, she was not really happy because purple looked so ugly to her. With this, the first thing to put into consideration is your love for a particular colour.

Darker shade VS lighter shade: As a bride/groom, you need to understand this point if you will be going for two colours. Like most people do for their wedding parties, we have colours that are in dark shade and those that are in light shade.

Royal blue is a dark shaded colour and should be mixed with light shades like sky blue/pink/peach etc. just to make it very beautiful. Ordinarily you should not combine two dark shades of colour together because the product will be very horrible. For instance, combining royal blue and leaf green; this will definitely not come out well.


Use of internet and social media: when you have a colour in mind, you may need to surf the internet for a match. There you will have access to multiple tips that may help you combine your colour perfectly. Check out another colour that can be mixed with the colour to make it look beautiful and lovely. For example, if your best colour is royal blue, you can as well check the internet for colour combinations like blue and white, blue and pink, royal blue and sky blue etc.

Talk to experts: we have colour experts out there; they have been to a lot of wedding ceremonies and can also help you out in your colour confusion. You can take your time to talk to them about those colours that can make your event beautiful and they will definitely relieve you of your stress.

When you are choosing a colour for your wedding event, take these points into consideration and your wedding reception/engagement will be exquisitely colourful.

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