Nigeria: towards 2019 general elections

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The race towards 2019 general elections is getting tougher by the day

Nigeria: towards 2019 general elections

The race towards 2019 general elections is getting tougher by the day. While major political parties are celebrating their acclaimed supremacies over one another and their obvious chances to gain people’s sympathy and votes, it seems no one can confidently predict the out come of the dicey race yet. 

Though, the ball seems to be in the court of two tested and known political parties and their leaders that have been actively around for many years irrespective of how many times they have changed their labels.

For the past few weeks now, defection is a frequent exercise among top political leaders including the present office holders.

Just last Friday, a massive defection rocked the political sphere of Benue state as it was reported that about 15,000 members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from a single political ward.

The defectors included the state Commissioner of Education, Science and Technology, Prof Dennis Ityavyar at Mbadede ward, probably the biggest ward in the Benue North East in the Ihugh, Vandeikya Local Government Area.

Some weeks ago, the Governor of the state, Samuel Ortom, who was elected on the platform of APC, defected to the PDP—the action he described as the result of advice from good people and youths of Benue state.

However, speaking on his defection yesterday, Prof. Ityavyar said he defected to the PDP in the interest of the good people of the state and to join forces with Governor Ortom in bringing good governance to them.

In his speech, he said Governor Ortom deserved the total support of all Kunav sons and daughters and every Benue child especially in fighting against the killing agenda of Fulani herdsmen at the Benue valley.

Prof Ityavyar was quoted as saying “I want to make it very clear to you and the Kunav people that he is facing several attacks and persecutions because he has decided to stand with you, he has refused to give away our ancestral land to Miyetti Allah and we owe him that duty of standing with him in our period of adversity”

Welcoming the defecting group, the ward chairman of PDP, Hon Zwa assured them of a ‘home free for all’, adding that both new and old members of the PDP must ensure victory for the party in the 2019 general elections.

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