Bukola Amunimo dies

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Bukola had linked the source of her sickness to the sex her boss forcefully had with her

Bukola Amunimo dies

The 24-year-old woman, Bukola Amunimo,  who recently claimed that her strange sickness started after her boss had anal sex with her in Ikere-Ekiti reportedly died on Sunday evening.


Bukola had linked the source of her sickness to the sex her boss forcefully had with her. According to her, she started to notice her ill-health after the anal sexual intercourse with her boss, Ogundare Michael popularly known as Awonjo who runs a bar at Sadola junction in the town.


 Watch Bukola speaks here:


Speaking earlier in an interview with Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema) on what transpired between her and Michael (Awonjo) her boss,  she said she served as a bar attendant at Awonjo’s Bar.


She said it all began on one Sunday afternoon…


“I bent over washing the used dishes at the bar, when he (Awonjo) came from behind and forcefully had anal sexual intercourse with me. He did not penetrate my vagina, it was my anus. Though he couldn’t really penetrate deep into me but, ever since then, I have been having severe and unbearable pains in my anus. I am no longer comfortable with my body system. After the act, Awonjo went into his office. I went to him with intention to say to him that what he did with me was bad as she had been like a father to me.


“He never knew I was coming in and I saw as he took a substance from his office cabinet and rubbed it on his manhood. When he saw me he quickly chased me out. This is the last I knew.”


Bukola had grossly emaciated. She was bedridden in pains.

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