My strange sickness started after my boss had anal sex with me—Bukola  Amunimo

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I bent over washing the used dishes at the bar, when he (Awonjo) came from behind and forcefully had anal sexual intercourse with me

My strange sickness started after my boss had anal sex with me—Bukola  Amunimo

A 24-year-old woman, Bukola Amunimo who is serious down with a strange sickness in Ikere-Ekiti, has linked the source of the sickness to the sex her boss forcefully had with her. According to her, she started to notice her ill-health after the anal sexual intercourse with her boss, Ogundare Michael popularly known as Awonjo who runs a bar at Sadola junction in the town.

 Watch Bukola speaks here:

Speaking in an interview with Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema) on what transpired between her and Michael (Awonjo) her boss,  she said she served as a bar attendant at Awonjo’s Bar.

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She said it all began on one Sunday afternoon…

“I bent over washing the used dishes at the bar, when he (Awonjo) came from behind and forcefully had anal sexual intercourse with me. He did not penetrate my vagina, it was my anus. Though he couldn’t really penetrate deep into me but, ever since then, I have been having severe and unbearable pains in my anus. I am no longer comfortable with my body system. After the act, Awonjo went into his office. I went to him with intention to say to him that what he did with me was bad as she had been like a father to me.


“He never knew I was coming in and I saw as he took a substance from his office cabinet and rubbed it on his manhood. When he saw me he quickly chased me out. This is the last I knew.”


Bukola has grossly emaciated. She is now bedridden.


Speaking with Omo Edema, Bukola’s elder sister, Folusho Omoyeni, said her sister (Bukola) got a job as a sales girl at the bar owned by Awonjo. She added that before her sister started the job, she had an agreement with her boss that her salary would not be paid to her monthly, but would be saved up for her. Part of the verbal agreement was that the salary would be used to buy her a refrigerator and container in order to set up her own business when she would be ready to leave.


“Bukola had spent almost 2 years with him. It became shocking and worrisome to see my sister suddenly looking sickly and emaciating”, Folusho said.


Folusho said the family initially thought it was a minor thing as they took her to the hospital. She said surprisingly, all medication didn’t work.


“It was one of the nurses that later advised us to seek spiritual help, which we eventually did.


“When her sickness declined medications we probed further, asking her more questions.  It was at this point she explained what happened between her and her boss.


 “We quickly take the matter to the palace of the traditional ruler of the town, the Ogoga of Ikere-Ekiti. On hearing the news of what happened to Bukola, the monarch summoned the alleged boss, Ogundare Michael (Awonjo) to the palace.

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"When he appeared at the palace, he made more shocking confession of how he gave my sister meat, bought her pants and collected them back after she had worn them and how he had sexual intercourse with her.


"Bukola, even in her groans of pain, revealed that her boss had warned her that she would die the day she would inform anybody of what had happened between them.”, Folusho explained.


Folusho added that the Ogoga who was bitter at hearing the Awonjo’s confession ordered him to first do everything possible to take care of Bukola  before any other thing.


"That very day, Awonjo left the palace and never came back to us. On the third day my mum went back to the palace, where the king sent messengers to visit Bukola first to see things for themselves. After the visit as the messenger saw the devastating health condition of my sister, Awonjo was  summoned hurriedly to the palace again”, Folusho revealed.


According to Folusho, Awonjo came with one of his brothers and carried Bukola to a church known as "Gbogunmi" located at Araromi area of Ikere-Ekiti. She said the alleged man promised the family that she would be well taken care of there as he said he had paid money to the pastor.


Remi Amunimo who is the mother of the 24-year-old woman also spoke on the incident. She said her daughter Bukky got an invite from Awonjo to work for him at his bar. She disclosed that she was in the know from the outset.


"She informed me about it before she started the job and She already worked 22 months there without salary, though it was an agreement between her and Awonjo.


“I became disturbed few months ago when I noticed that my daughter was changing. I asked her what was happening and she told me she was okay. But I wasn't satisfied with her response so I went to her boss to ask if he also noticed that his bar attendant was drastically emaciating. He told me that my daughter already had complained to him and that he had gave her money to treat herself", Remi said.


Mrs. Remi Amunimon said she left after thanking him for the gesture, thinking all would soon be well. She explained further that on the third day after her visit to Awonjo, things went from bad to worse with Bukky. 


"I took her to the hospital. She was treated and was not getting any better. I brought her back home.  I had to rush her back to the hospital a few days later. At the hospital, she did not respond to treatment and we were told to take her home for spiritual help as all medical efforts proved abortive."


Mrs. Remi disclosed that she got the greatest shock of her life when her daughter, Bukola called her one day to make some confessions. she said her daughter told her how her boss gave her meat, had anal sexual intercourse with her, bought pants for her and collected them back after she had wore them.


"I couldn't stomach the strange confession. I ran to the Ogoga's palace to report. He was quickly summoned. He got to the palace and also confirmed the story when he was queried. I felt the weight of the whole world on my shoulders. I knew right there that there was more than meets the eyes on the issue.


Another relative of Bukky's mother, Ojo Afolabi Asemolewon confirmed the incident. Asemolewon, an uncle to Bukola said Awonjo showed great reluctance in being responsible in the care of the girl.

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“He took Bukky to the church, paid the pastor ₦35,000 out of ₦40,000  the pastor reportedly charged. But along the line, the pastor complained that the girl wasn't responding to treatments.


"The pastor called Awonjo, my sister (Bukky’s mum) and I for a meeting at the church and we all showed up. At the church, Bukky again made an open confession that Awonjo her boss was behind her ordeal.


To confirm the allegation leveled against him, Omo Edama paid, Ogundare Michael (Awonjo) visit at his bar in Ikere-Ekiti. He neither denied nor admitted the allegation against him.


“I can’t say anything on this incident until I get to the palace. I have no comment on this matter please”, Michael (Awonjo) said.

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