My father’s head severed in mortuary in Akoko—Son

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Mr. Emmanuel Ojo narrated the incident while speaking with Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema)

My father’s head severed in mortuary in Akoko—Son

A man, Emmanuel Ojo, has narrated how the head of his father’s corpse deposited at the mortuary, was severed in Akoko.


Mr. Emmanuel Ojo narrated the incident while speaking with Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema). Ojo, who hails from Ajowa-Akoko, Ondo State said he got the news on the 11th of month (November 2020).


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“On the 11th of this month, I got a call around 9am from the traditional ruler of Ajowa-Akoko, Oba T.S. Ipinmoroti, informing me that unknown men have severed the head of my dad’s corpse at the mortuary.


“I lost my dad to the cold hands of death on the 30th of October, 2020 and the family agreed that we deposit the corpse at the Saint Bright Mortuary, located along Jaja road, beside the health center in Ajowa-Akoko. my dad, mr. Ojo James Ojuko was a 70-year-old man and lived in Ikare-Akoko before his death”.


Asked why his father’s corpse was deposited at the morgue in Ajowa, he explained further that, “we hail from Ajowa-Akoko; that is why we decided to take him back home when he died. I am his first son and am based in Abuja.”


When we deposited his corpse at the morgue, we the children went back to our respective bases, leaving the care of our dad’s corpse (in the morgue) in the hands of one of our dad’s brother by name, Segun Alajo.


“Exactly two weeks after I left Ajowa, I received a call from one of the mortuary’s attendants, Ahmed Sule (an Egbira man). He called to ask for payment for the casket to be used for burial. I had spoken and negotiated with him for a casket before I left Ajowa and he told me he had contacts of people that deals in such business”, Ojo explained.

He said he told Sule that, it was too early to pay for the casket, since the burial was slated for January 28 and 29, 2021. However, Ahmed Sule convinced him to pay for it ahead which they did.


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“I agreed and then called my elder sister who also resides in Abuja. She agreed to speak to the mortuary’s attendant, Ahmed Sule. She re-negotiated ₦35,000 as against ₦40,000 he first mentioned. She immediately sent ₦30,000 to Ahmed’s account.”


Ojo said he was shocked after he received the call from Oba T.S Ipinmoroti, the traditional ruler of Ajowa-Akoko.


“After my conversation with him, I was shocked beyond human comprehension and immediately called my dad’s elder brother, Sunday Alajo to verify the information. I needed answers. When he eventually picked up, Alajo confirmed the news to be true. He said he heard the news about a severed corpse, and immediately ran as fast as his legs could carry him to the morgue.


“On getting there, he met the morgue’s secretary, one Mr. Oni, who told him nothing of such had happened, but told him to come back the next day to see for himself, since he (Alajo) insisted on seeing his brother’s corpse that day.


“On his way back home, he met some relatives who told him, the story was true. Right there, they decided on an action plan. So, as early as 2am the next day, they left for the mortuary’s secretary’s home (Oni) and they were told he wasn’t home. they left Oni’s house for the palace, where they laid the complaint before the traditional ruler”, Ojo narrated.


Mr. Emmanuel Ojo revealed that he already visited the mortuary to see for himself the state of his dad’s corpse.


“After seeing for myself, I called the owner of the mortuary. He pleaded profusely over the phone and told me he was at the police station in Kabba, Kogi State at that time. he then gave the phone to one of the senior officers to speak with me.


“I was made to understand that it was the mortuary’s attendant, Ahmed Sule was responsible for the heinous crime and had been arrested in Kabba.”


Ojo said the officer assured him that the case would be transferred to Ondo where the crime was actually committed.


“The case was transferred to the Area Command in Ikare-Akoko and was later transferred again to State CID Akure for further investigation. But, up till now, the suspect has not revealed where he kept the head or what he did with it.”


Also speaking in an interview with Omo Edema, the deceased’s younger brother, Mr. Segun Abiodun, revealed what happened to the corpse and how the suspected culprits were apprehended.


“Not only my brother’s corpse was there in the mortuary—that’s why am still in shock on why his corpse had to suffer this misfortune. The mortuary has been in existence for a while and my brother’s body wasn’t the first corpse I would deposit there. I have had the opportunity of depositing corpses of family members or relatives there because I’m the family’s representative.


“My brother’s corpse was deposited at this morgue not more than a month. I did visit the place once a week and I had visited 3 times. Sometimes, workers at the morgue don’t come there because they have other things/jobs they do. one of them, Ahmed Sule is also a welder while the other one, Oni Ologe is a known photographer and painter in the community.

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Mr. Segun Abiodun further explained that “on the fateful day the news broke in Ajowa, at about 7pm, one of my younger brothers came around to inform me of the incident. I told him I would visit the mortuary the next day. After a while, another relative came to inform me of the same incident at the mortuary. I replied him that a younger relative just gave me the news and that I would visit the next day. But he would not have me wait till the next day, so we left my place for the mortuary secretary’s house.


“On getting there, we demanded to see my brother’s corpse, but Oni told us that nothing happened to any of the corpses deposited with them. He also claimed his boss fumigated the morgue and would be unsafe to visit the place that evening for health reasons. He told us to come back 10am the next day to check the corpse we deposited. we agreed and went back home.”


Abiodun said they had no choice than to return home that evening. According to him, “at home that night, I couldn’t sleep. I was overwhelmed with thoughts. I began to fear the worst. At 2am, my brother with whom I visited Oni’s home last evening came back and said we should go back to Oni and insist we see the corpse because he made some calls and was told it was my elder brother’s corpse that was beheaded at the morgue. On hearing that, I followed him immediately.


“When we got there, we knocked and knocked, no one answered us. No one opened the door either. so, we waited outside until 6am. Finally, one of the occupants of the house came out of and told us that Mr. Oni had travelled to Kabba on the order of his boss.  That raised my suspicion the more.


“So, we headed straight for the monarch’s palace to lay complaints. I informed the monarch, Oba T.S. Ipinmoroti of the incident and it was at that point the monarch called my brother who lives in Abuja, to inform him of the shocking incident.


“The monarch immediately called the morgue’s owner and he (owner) explained that he was on top of the situation. He informed the Oba that he already had apprehended the suspected culprits and that the case would be transferred to Ondo state for further investigation.”


Segun Abiodun also later called the mortuary owner on phone who explained to him why Ahmed Sule might be held culpable.


“He explained to me that he was in Ajowa-Akoko based on his instinct to check on his business and on getting there, he saw Ahmed speeding away on a bike. He said he (Ahmed) came back minutes later in a hurry to inform him about the incident at the morgue.


“He said he dug deeper but couldn’t get to the root of the issue, so he went back to Kabba, Kogi State and ordered the two mortuary attendants to come and meet him there. That was how he arrested both of them. And eventually, one of them, Ahmed Sule, confessed to the crime”, Abiodun explained.


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According to Abiodun, he said the morgue owner revealed that Ahmed confessed he had been in contact with some people who approached him in 2018 for human body parts.


Till the time of filling this report, the suspect has not said anything about what he did with the severed head.

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