“She died of complications from ulcer and diabetes”, Damilola’s husband claims

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He said his wife died of complications from ulcer and diabetes

“She died of complications from ulcer and diabetes”, Damilola’s husband claims

Sunday Gbenga, the husband of a lady whose family members claimed she died of negative prophecies of her mother-in-law in Ilasa Ekiti, has claimed that no body was responsible for the death of his wife. According to him, his wife died of complications from ulcer and diabetes.

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Sunday gave his side of the story on what happened to Damilola his late wife during an interview with Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema).


The man, who gave a detailed explanation on the misunderstandings and quarrels he often had with his late wife, further explained that he is aware that his wife was diabetic.

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"The quarrels were not something serious. It is normal for couples to have little misunderstanding, and our case wasn’t an exemption. But the difference was just that, third parties were always invited to intervene.


“My late wife was fond of calling me unprintable names and raining curses on me. Not only that, she dragged my parents, especially my mum into our quarrels. She was too abusive and never held back when she started."


On why he was not at his wife’s burial, Sunday revealed that he stayed away from his wife's burial because her family threatened to kill him as they had been accusing him of killing her.


"I did not kill my wife. Neither did my mother. My mother never cursed as being reported in some quarters, especially by my late wife's family.


“She once poured poison in the pot of soup my mother prepared. Not only that, my house got burnt and she was fingered for it. She once had told me she would implicate me.


“At a point, I had to pack her belongings back to her family because I could no longer bear her attitudes. It was unbearable. Her family said they came to beg my mother—what for? They never did. I was the one that told them to beg their sister to change. I am not saying all these to vindicate myself but that is the truth", he said.


Sunday added that he wasn't the one who bought the casket for the burial. His church, Chariots of Christ, helped him in buying the casket.

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"My wife's family initially did not want me to bury her in my house, but after much persuasion from the traditional leaders of  Omuo- - Oke and Ilasa, they agreed."


Meanwhile, the mother-in-law popularly known as Omolayo Olose soda in Omuo-Oke Ekiti has denied knowing anything about the death of her daughter-in-law, Damilola. The woman, who spoke in her local tongue (Omuo-Oke language) claimed she had never accused the late 32-year-old wife of attempting to snatch away her only child (the husband) from her.


In an audio file reportedly recorded by the deceased in the heat of one of their altercations before her untimely death, the suspected voice of the mother-in-law was heard saying the woman would emaciate and die among other curses.

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