My sister died of negative prophecies of her mother-in-law- brother cries

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Dolapo said the woman accused her sister of wanting to take possession of the husband's house, attempting to take away her only child which is the husband

My sister died of negative prophecies of her mother-in-law- brother cries

An Ilasa Ekiti indigene, Adewumi Ojo has explained how his younger sister, Damilola Oluwagbenga Adewumi, died mysteriously in her matrimonial home. In an interview with the presenter of Gongo Nso radio programme, Babatunde Bamigboye, popularly known as Omo Edema, Adewumi Ojo disclosed that his late younger sister was told by her mother-in-law that she would dry (lose weight mysteriously) and die and it happened.


He explained that, “my sister got married in 2014 to her husband, Sunday Gbenga. He is a bricklayer. My sister was a teacher before she got married but stopped teaching when she got married. She was 32 years when she succumbed to death and she had a child.


“On many occasions, the mother-in-law had picked quarrel with her. The mother-in-law is known as Omolayo Olose soda and she lives in Omuo-oke with my late sister and her husband. My sister’s husband is her only child and most of the altercations had been on my sister wanting to take her only child away from her.”

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Adewumi Ojo said aside those altercations between his late sister and the mother-in-law, the husband also has the habit of beating her up at the slightest opportunity. He revealed that several times they had begged the sister to leave the husband but all pleas fell on deaf ears.


“She would insist that she was married to the husband and it was for better for worse; even when we wanted to force her out, she was still adamant. There was a time, the father-in-law succeeded in taking her to Ikare-Akoko his base, after been beaten up by the husband but my sister did not stay long there. She left the Ikare to reunite with the husband again.”


Mr. Ojo, who was really bitter following the incident, said the sister eventually gave up the ghost in January 5 and was buried on the 12th of same month.


He regretted not doing enough to keep his sister alive.


“If I had known that she would end it this way, I would have taken extra steps along with the whole family. Even if it would have taken me going to court, I would have dragged the husband to court to end the marriage.


“The mother-in-law had told her face to face that she was going to dry out and die, and that was exactly what happened eventually. My sister began to lose weight each passing day. She became thinner and thinner and she was not sick. I visited her in shop one day to talk her out of her continuous stay with her husband but she did not bulge.”

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The deceased’s brother said there was a time he and other family members waded into one of the quarrels between his sister and her husband and the husband promised to stop beating her, but never fulfilled  it.


Ojo said it got to a point the late sister stopped telling them (her family) whenever her husband beat her up. She was suffering in silence.


He said before her death, her sister already had sent him audio recordings of her mother-in-law making negative pronouncements on her. That was how we knew that the mother-in-law knew something about her death.


“When she died, the husband and the mother in law did not show up. Not even at the burial on the 12th of January.”


He said, the traditional leaders of  Ilasa and Omuo Oke ( the Ila of Ilasa and the Olumoke of  Omuo-Oke) were involved in the issue as they did their best to look into the matter.


On why he opened up on the issue, he said, “we want the mother-in-law and the son to come out of hiding and tell the world what my sister did to deserve such death sentence”


My sister was badly treated by the husband and his mother. Even while at the mortuary, I took a close look at my sister’s corpse and found some wound marks inflicted on her by the husband and the mother. She even sustained a bite mark on her back”

Corroborating his brother's story, Mrs. Adewumi Dolapo, elder sister to the deceased (Damilola Oluwagbenga Adewumi),confirmed that the late sister lived like a slave in her matrimonial home. Dolapo said her late sister was constantly abused physically and mentally.

According to her, "Damilola was a special child to us in the family. She was legally married to the husband and nobody objected to the union. But since she got married her life took a downward slope. I was always brokenhearted anytime I saw her because she wasn't the Damilola we knew."

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She added that there was a time the family rented an apartment for Damilola as the husband's beating was unbearable. They told her to leave the husband's house for her safety.

She said "my sister vehemently refused. She told me that she cannot leave her home because she was legally married. There came a time I started feeling guilty, as if I was forcing my sister out of marriage while I remained in mine".

On why, Damilola's mother-in-law hated her that much, Dolapo said, "my sister had once told me the mother-in-law never wanted to see her, no matter what she did to please her.

"When she told me, I and the rest of the family visited the mother-in-law. We pleaded with her to forgive my sister irrespective of her sins. We were amazed at the insults the woman hauled at us, calling us names. All entreaties fell on deaf ears, and no sooner than we left, things became turned from bad to worst.

"She gradually became a shadow of herself and still would not want to leave the husband's house. The mother-in-law at every opportunity will rain curses on her. Even mock her over her deaf and dumb child. She even went as far as telling her, she will never bare another child. The worst of all was that she cursed my sister that she would die mysteriously.

Dolapo said the woman accused her sister of wanting to take possession of the husband's house, attempting to take away her only child which is the husband.

She said she started noticing that her sister was emancipating yet she did not sick.

“Damilola called me one day that her mother-in-law called to inform her that, she had been reported to all the witches in Omuo Ekiti”, Dolapo said.

She further narrated that when her sister became seriously sick, the husband did not inform them (the family). And when she died, he bought casket, dug the grave before coming to break the news to the family. She said they refused and told him not to bury their sister.

She confirmed the mother-in-law and her son(husband) have gone into hiding since the incident happened.

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