Prepare to make golden history this 2021

Category: Opinion | Posted date: 2021-01-01 19:59:03 | Updated date: 2021-01-01 20:00:47 | Posted by: Rhoda Fatimat Suleman

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Many people, one way or the other, fall into one or more of these errors and omissions in the journey of their lives

Prepare to make golden history this 2021

How was the year 2020 with you? 2020 was historic? Yes, the year survival was the greatest goal of virtually every living person. In just the dawn of 2021, the existence of 2020 quickly moved into history.

History is an aggregate of past events, a chronicle or stories about past incidents. It is very important to know that history is built and made on a minute basis. Whatsoever we do this minute becomes history in the next minute.
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If there would be a remarkable day or future, it would definitely be borne out of some past events; a history would be traceable to it. There is no attainment or achievement without trace of some connected past events which build up to make a history behind it.

Every people or race has their history they treasure so much. They protectively pass it as baton from one generation to the other, preventing it from harm or distortion. The reason they protect it so much is because the history is one of the values they share as one people. It is full of information about them and, as they say, information is power.

In this article, history is of two kinds; Rusted and Golden histories.

What is Rusted History?
This is a history built from cumulative events of errors and omissions made in the journey of life which, in turn, unfolds emptiness, regrets or shame at the peak of the journey when it is too late for the life owner to go back and adjust. It is an uninteresting account of what or how one has spent his/her life in the past.

Rusted history is often a result of laziness, laxity, lackadaisical attitude to life, inability to endure life challenges, cessation of auspicious endeavours and disobedience to relevant guiding instructions or rules of success etc.

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Many people, one way or the other, fall into one or more of these errors and omissions in the journey of their lives. This is why we have a very few people with unique golden histories in life.

Golden History
Golden history is an opposite of rusted history. It is built from a journey of life with cumulative events of unwavering determination, endurance, perseverance, doggedness, obedience and adherence to relevant guiding instructions or rules of success etc.

There is a secret about histories; they are told every minute. Everyone’s life is saying something silently about their past as our present is a report sheet of the past events.

How can you make a golden history?
The first thing is your determination. It is the key to getting anything done. Secondly, Right Step taking. Determination and step taking are not enough, there must be right step taking. The point of division of rusted history from golden history is right step taking. Both histories involve steps taking, but only right step taking leads to golden history. The third thing needed is focus. It's very important to be focused. Without focus distraction will overtake which may lead to unfruitfulness.

You have to make things happen, put in your strength and efforts, so that your future can be well shaped.
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You can change the world through your history. Give the world what it needs… it's in you. It’s that little contribution. You can make it, don't limit yourself.

Happy New Year 2021

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