Fulani herdsmen kidnapped father, son in Ekiti: father still missing after ransom

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The short argument took a painful turn as one of them took my father to the other side—the next thing we heard was gunshots

Fulani herdsmen kidnapped father, son in Ekiti: father still missing after ransom

It is conundrum of bizarre in our society as shocking evils seemed to have taken over the days. People in the cities are in fear, the villagers can not sleep. Road users are missing, farmers are losing their lives en masse.

One Shola Daramola, the first son of Mr. Idowu Daramola tearfully narrates how a five-gang of suspected Fulani herdsmen caught up with him and his father on Ise—Ikere Ekiti road in October while returning from their Grama place in Ise Ekiti.

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Speaking in an interview with Omo Edema, Shola said the incident happened in October 10, 2020 about 150—200 meters away from the military checkpoint on the road. According to him, “We were just two in the vehicle. All of a sudden, we heard a strange sound and my dad taught it was tyre burst. As he slowed down to check the vehicle, a gang of five armed men emerged from the bush and rounded us up. The incident looked like movie to me because I hadn’t seen or witnessed such in real life before. I closed and opened my eyes imagining it was a dream, but it wasn’t.

“There was another vehicle trapped behind us inside which there were two occupants. Four of us were eventually kidnapped and led to the bush from the same spot. Inside the jungle they took us from one spot to another without water or food for the first three days. We spent six days with them and throughout these days they fed us twice with garri mixed with red oil and salt without water.

“It was a consistent suffering in the jungle. They would tie our hands backward every night till the following morning. Among the four victims, they only spared me by not tying my own hands in the nights—the claimed my father had also carried my cross”, Shola said.

Shola said on the 15th of October which was their fifth day in the bush, an argument ensued between their abductors and his father over non-provision of food for them. According to him, he said his father challenged the abductors to give them food and water, that after all they had been contacting their family members on phone for ransom.

“The short argument took a painful turn as one of them took my father to the other side—the next thing we heard was gunshots. We couldn’t look up because they didn’t allow us to look straight to their eyes. We were in the jungle eyes faced down so we could see where or to whom was the gun pointed. All I could hear was shout ‘yeh! from him and that was all. Immediately after the gunshots, they moved us to another location”, Shola narrated.

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Shola said the suspected Fulani herdsmen put on pullovers with guns and cutlasses in their hands. Though the gang leader was communicating with the victims in pidgin English, Shola said among themselves, they spoke a dialect that sounded like Hausa.

“There was no shelter of any kind. Rainfall, sunshine—we were all there in all weathers. At times there were no roads in the bush— times, they would pave ways using cutlass. We were seriously tortured”, Shola said.

According to the second son of the missing father, Ayodeji Daramola who took the ransom to the kidnappers in the jungle, he said they called the family to bring 100 million naira in which the family could only raise 4 million naira before releasing his brother.

“Prior to his brother’s release, the family had reported the case at the Afao police station, police headquarters and DSS even the army mounted the check point was informed.

“I took the ransom to them after collecting the ransom we could only see my brother but my dad is nowhere to be found even till now”, Ayodeji said.

When Mercybabs news crew visited the residence of the missing Mr. Daramola, his wife, Bosede Daramola pleaded help from Ekiti State government to find her husband whether dead or alive. She added that the family has been restless and in agony following the shocking incident.

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