How Emiola Tosin stabbed my brother to death—Ado Polytechnic student

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I have been struggling hard making sure I send my children to school because I don’t want them to live my kind of life

How Emiola Tosin stabbed my brother to death—Ado Polytechnic student

Akinyede Olumide, a student of Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti has painfully explained how his 20-year-old younger brother, Akinyede Odunayo was stabbed to death by one Emiola Tosin. According to him, the incident happened in the evening of October 18, 2020 behind Fabian Hotel, along NTA road, Ado-Ekiti.

Olumide and his brother, whose parents live in Akure Ondo State, co-owned a barber’s shop in Ado-Ekiti with the support of their parent. He said that in that evening, their shop was running on generator as there was no light in the area and people around them came to charge their mobile phones in the shop.

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According to him, “I was at the entrance of the shop around 7pm when this guy, Emiola Tosin came in to charge his phone. As he met me, he didn’t greet me, but said I look like a fool. I didn’t utter a word in reply. I knew him on the street and as ‘ND 1’ student in my school. That day was the first time he would come to our shop and perhaps the first time he talked to me.

“My brother collected the phone from him and plugged. He said he was going to eat and would come back to remove his phone afterwards. Till we closed that evening he never came back. We now saw one of his roommates and handed over the phone to him and we shut our door and left”, Olumide said.

The brother of the deceased said where they live was a short distance to the shop. He said as they got home that, he left for a nearby place to buy what they would eat while he left his brother at home washing plates. He said on his return, he was surprised to see his brother being beaten by two guys.

“I rushed at them asking what his offence was. My brother narrowly escaped from them. The two guys were Emiola Tosin (Emitee) and one other. They alleged that as they left our shop earlier somebody told them that Odunayo said he (Emiola) was drunk when he came to charge phone in the shop.

“My brother ran to meet the landlord of our shop reporting the shocking incident to him. The landlord is a Correctional Service Officer. He is popularly called 2million. Consequently, he took my brother to Emiola’s mother, charging her to warn his son against attack on us, saying that we were known on the street to be gentle persons. The guy was there. He didn’t say a word. Many people from the street were also there.”

Olumide said everyone returned home thinking the matter was settled. He said they continued with the preparation of their dinner. But around 9pm same night, Emiola Tosin alongside 2 other guys one of whom is called Tayo—a welder apprentice on the same street came knocking on their door. He said as he opened the door, he asked where his brother was.

“Before we knew it, they rushed at him. He fell down as they beat him heavily. As I ran to call for help, I saw Tosin bring out a knife and stabbed my brother on his back. I rushed back at them, but the trio swiftly took to their heels.”

Olumide explained that Odunayo was rushed to the teaching hospital Ado-Ekiti but by the time they were through with taking of card and registration, his brother had died. He said the doctor just confirmed he was died.

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“I returned to the street that night to inform 2million and in the following morning, I went to make a report at the nearest Police station. Since that day, the guys are nowhere to be found, though police said they were on the lookout for them. My brother’s body has been deposited in the mortuary”, he said.

Speaking with tears with Omo Edema, the father of the deceased, Akinyede Olorunsogo, a commercial motorcyclist in Akure, said he was called in the morning of Monday October 18, that his younger son, Odunayo was stabbed to death. It was strange and painful. He explained that the barber shop his sons were running in Ado-Ekiti was with his full support. This he further said that it was to argument their upkeep at school.

“He’s my second born. He would have been through with his own admission into the same institution too but for the effect of coronavirus pandemic. How would a normal human being stab his fellow man even over a frivolous issue? That guy gruesomely killed my son over an allegation that he said he was drunk! I met with the mother of the alleged murderer at the police station, but I was shocked by the remarks of the woman as she was shouting that she could not be responsible for the offence of her son. Nobody holds her responsible for the offence anyways, but as a mother she should be, at least helpful in trailing the killer son. The matter was transferred to the Homicide section of the Police State Headquarters Ado-Ekiti.

“I got to the headquarters the police asked me to bring ₦10,000 for coronal form. I went round to borrow the money and gave it to them. They later told me that the money would be up to ₦150,000 for other activities aiding their investigation. I began to lament where should I get money from. Later they asked me to bring ₦25,000 for doctor’s report.

“I can’t lose in two ways. I asked them to release the body to me for burial they said no, that it belongs to the government—yet they keep asking me for money. I can’t sleep remembering my son is in the mortuary since October. Since the incident, myself, the mother and his brother do ride on a motorcycle from Akure to Ado-Ekiti almost everyday. I am just a commercial motorcyclist—the bike I got on installment payment. I have been struggling hard making sure I send my children to school because I don’t want them to live my kind of life.

“The death is a big loss already. His embalmment is ₦25000 a month while I pay ₦500 daily on the lifeless body in the mortuary. His mother is now broken down at home. How do I get out of this devastation? Olorunsogo lamented.

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One of the residents in the area who also confirmed the incident, Babalola Adeyanju, said Emiola Tosin is suspected to be a strong member of a popular secret cult.

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