How Pastor Victor Olabode Kayode died

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He said he informed them that the piece of land was his own, but they descended on him, beat him up and tore his cloth

How Pastor Victor Olabode Kayode died

It was a sad mood in the house of Pastor Victor Olabode Kayode from Akure who died mysteriously on Monday June 1, 2020 when he visited a 3-plot of land he got at Ilado Elemon community, along Ado—Akure road, Akure.

It was reported that he was attacked by the strangers said to be policemen he met working on the piece of the land which eventually led to his death

It was gathered that the Deeper Life Bible Church pastor purchased the piece of land in the year 2017 from the family of late Olulado through one Surveyor Femi Oguntuase from Akure and was given a duly signed evidence of purchase. But he got there that day only to discover that some strangers were already erecting a foundation on the land.

Speaking on what he knew on his death, Prince Adebusuyi Abejoye said “I met Pastor Bode in 2017 when my family sold three plots of land to him. The piece of land was allocated to him at Ilado Elemon along Ado—Akure road by Surveyor Femi Oguntuase with the consent of the family. That time, I was the personal secretary to the late Olulado and I was of one the signatories to the document given to him.

“Since that 2017, he had been a friend because I have a block industry around the place. Anytime he came, to the site, he would also come to greet me at the industry. He would come around occasionally to make sure the site is cleared of bush.

“To my surprise, he called me on Monday that he was in my house and that he would like to see me as urgently as possible. I told him that I was far from home, but could meet me at Isinigbo Junction. He came to me. When I saw him, he said he went to his site and met strangers there. He said he informed them that the piece of land was his own, but they descended on him, beat him up and tore his cloth.”

Prince Adebusuyi said himself, his brother and pastor Bode left for the site immediately. He explained that they met the people still working there and politely informed... listen live at

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