Husband who assaulted his wife in Ibulesoro arrested in his hideout

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“Though, I attacked and hit her with a cutlass, but didn’t hit her head up with any concrete blocks. She might have hit her head on the blocks on the way when she was running from me that night

Husband who assaulted his wife in Ibulesoro arrested in his hideout

Adeola and Monisola

The husband who was recently reported to have seriously assaulted his wife in Ibulesoro community in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State has been arrested. Adeola Oniya was arrested last Friday in his hideout at Ajipowo Area of Akure through a tip-off.

The wife, Monisola Adelua had explained that her commercial motorcyclist husband hit her on the head with 9 inches concrete block severally and subsequently inflicted deep cuts on her body with cutlass during a fight between them.

Speaking in pain with Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema), the mother of two said she had packed out of her husband’s house about two times over overwhelming battery from him.
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According to Monisola, “Both of us are from Ibulesoro and we got married 17 years ago. I had once packed out of his house after we had our first born when he almost killed me over trivial issues. He would beat me black and blue. But his parents came to plead with me to return to his house.”

Monisola also said when she could not endure the battery anymore she finally left the house with her children about a year ago and started to live alone somewhere in the community. She added that after a while Adeola came to inform her he was going to take custody of their children which she agreed.

On what led to their latest deadly fight, the woman said “On Tuesday night April 14, 2020, I was inside the room watching film around 9pm when he came around. I was shocked to see him. He said he wanted to discuss an issue and I said it was already late. Moreover, the government just declared curfew in the state over Covid-19 in which there is restriction of movement as from 7pm. He said he was going to sleep in my place and I said no.

“When I said no, his countenance fearfully changed. He said he was going to killed me. I said I secured this accommodation by myself to avoid your problems. This is how he started to beat me again. He hit me severally on my head with 9 inches concrete block.

“As people around were trying to rescue and rush me to hospital, he came out again from nowhere with cutlass and started to hit me. He also beat those who were trying to rescue me with the flat side of the cutlass.” She explained. 

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Responding to the allegations made against him by his wife, Adeola Oniya who did not deny assaulting and inflicting deep cuts on his wife with cutlass claimed he didn’t know what came over him during the act.
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Adeola confirmed their marriage had been from one disagreement to the other, attributing it to possible evil forces.

“I have called her attention to it on many occasions that we would need to seek spiritual help on our marriage. Anytime I told my wife that we would pray tomorrow, a fight would definitely break out before the set prayer time. And the fight would be so serious”, he said.

Adeola, who admitted attacking and inflicting deep cuts on her wife with cutlass, said he did not know how the cutlass appeared. The father of two who claimed he was never a cultist said he thought the woman had lost her life to the incident hence he took to his heels.

“Though, I attacked and hit her with a cutlass, but didn’t hit her head up with any concrete blocks. She might have hit her head on the blocks on the way when she was running from me that night.

“I can’t explain how exactly I got the cutlass that night. I didn’t go there with cutlass, not even with intention to fight. She invited me herself. In fact, as I fled after the incident that night, I sat somewhere looking at overwhelming blood stains on the cutlass and I started weeping, thinking I have killed her”

The Regent of Ibulesoro, Kabiyesi Moyinoluwa Olubunmi Falowo said the community was yet to recover from the shock of the mold-dragging incident, adding that the ancient community was known for peaceful coexistence.

“The incident was very terrible. It saddens us as a people that such a terrible thing happened in our land. I thought Adeola Oniya was a responsible man because he had once been the chairman of the association of commercial motorcyclists.

“What could have led to such assault between the duo? If a marriage becomes a death trap I think there is a legal room for separation. If walking separately is the route to peace I think is better.

“As a law abiding people, we want justice on this issue”, the Regent said.

Adeola Oniya has been handed over to the Ondo state Police Command.

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