A life lost in the hand of a wild man

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He had dug a grave for the chief in the bush. He confessed they set him ablaze alive when the chief was trying to struggle for his life

A life lost in the hand of a wild man

The remains of Onibedo

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9 KJV). One may not really understand this verse of the Bible until he or she experiences the grave wickedness of man. The wickedness of man is often grievous to whom it is targeted because it usually comes destructively from unexpected people or quarters.


Chief Fatula Shola Sunday, the Onibedo of Ilotin-Ekiti in Ikole local government area of Ekiti state is dead. Though his death is no longer a news, but the circumstances surrounding his death remain unimaginable.


It was reported that one Sunday Aernan popularly as Omoh from Benue state who was a charcoal businessman in Iyemero farm in the community on Sunday 5th April, 2020 gruesomely killed the 44-year-old chief over an allegation that the chief was having sexual relationship with his distant wife. The alleged killer reportedly invited him to the farm on the pretext that he should come and help him settle a dispute between him and his business landowner.

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The community leader innocently obliged Omoh of the inconvenient request, not knowing that he would not return home. The alleged killer had invited three other friends from Benue to join him in the mission. His intention was to execute the chief and his (Omoh) alleged wife, Tadeni who was also invited to the farm.


It was quite unfortunate as when they all got to the farm the music never remained the same again. No dispute to settle, no landowner available; it was a reality of jungle justice proceedings for the chief by the grave that had been already dug for him before his arrival on the farm. He was reportedly set ablaze alive.


Speaking with Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema) on the shocking demise of her husband, the wife of the late Chief, Lola Fatula explained how her husband began the journey of no return that day.


According to Lola, “It was on Sunday April 5, 2020 around 9.30am. My husband was eating at home when he received a phone call from one Titi. He did not finish the food when he left home without informing me where exactly he was going.”


The wife of the late chief who is a nurse at a hospital in the community said that she began to worry when she expected her husband to return but to no avail.


“I began to expect him to return home so I started to call his phone number around 2pm, but it was switched off. From there, because it was unusual of him, I started to look for him in a few places he normally would go to unwind. I went round but could not see him. I took Okada to the house of my friend, Tadeni to check if he was there. Tadeni had lived with us before she later left to secure her own accommodation. So when she left our place my husband and I were checking on her occasionally.


“When I got to Tadeni’s house, her children also informed me that she was not around. I went back home and kept calling people we know informing them of my husband disappearance”, the wife of the deceased said.

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The woman said she kept redialing her husband’s phone number and was not going through until around 3am the following day when one of their neighbours came to knock on her door that her husband number had gone through, but was picked up by an acclaimed group of vigilantes.


“The vigilantes explained that they intercepted a gang of four persons on a motorcycle in Kogi state and found the phone on them. They further said when the gang were asked of the owner of the phone, they claimed that the owner was on another motorcycle coming behind. They therefore held them down as the owner did not show up after long waiting.


“The vigilantes directed that we should inform police in our domain while they would hand them over to police in Kogi state. I never knew a lot of things had gone wrong until the police brought the killer gang and was led back to Iyemero farm where they did the worst evil.


“The woman Omoh said my husband was having affair with is a woman that we had once helped. She and together with her children had lived with us when her husband (Omoh) sent her packing. We accommodated and fed her for a long period of time before the issue between her and her husband was later resolved through my husband.


“My husband and I jointly accommodated Tadeni. And when she left our place, she remained my friend. My husband would check on her occasionally—No affair whatsoever was between them. Chief would never sleep outside a night—we slept under the same roof everyday until his demise”, she added.


Chief Oluwasayo Okunola—the Oloti of Ikole Ekiti who monitored the incident as the charcoal businessman confessed and took them to where he killed his colleague chief spoke with Omo Edema. He said benevolence and compassion killed chief Onibedo. The Oloti of Ikole said that he was aware the deceased chief was not in such affair with Tadeni.


“In fact, benevolence and compassion killed Onidedo. Onibedo’s family, Tadeni and her mother were at Ilotin before Aernan came. The Benue man came to the community, impregnated Tadeni the reason they began to live together as husband and wife. However, after some issues, he sent her packing and she became destitute. It was in this state Onibedo and his wife brought her and her kids in before he later made move to settle their disagreement for them.


“Tadeni had two children for Omoh. There was a time one of her children sick, it was Onibedo that took the child to the hospital and spent twenty-one thousand Naira for the treatment. When the child was not responding better, the chief took it upon himself to take the woman and her child to her husband and settled their differences for them”, Chief Oluwasayo said.


It was gathered that the 30-year-old Tiv man had once accused Onibedo of adultery with his wife and dragged him to the Police Station in Ikole where the deceased explained that he would never involve himself in such a dirty act. The matter was later resolved for them.


“Confessing to the crime, Omoh Said it was the day they left the station that he had had it in mind to kill Onibedo. He said he had it in mind to kill him, his own wife (Tadeni) and their two children. He had dug a grave for the chief in the bush. He confessed they set him ablaze alive when the chief was trying to struggle for his life. They had tied Tadeni to a tree in the bush separately but before they could come back to her from the gruesome execution of the Chief, Tadeni had untied herself and run away”, Chief Oloti said.

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Confirming the incident and the arrest of the suspects, the Ekiti State police Public Relations Officer, Sunday Abutu, described the case as conspiracy to murder, attempted murder and murder.


He said, “On April 5, 2020, about 12am, Sunday Aernan, male, 30, an indigene of Benue State, but residing in Ikole-Ekiti, invited Chief Fatunla Shola, 44, of Ikole-Ekiti, and Adebo Tadeni, female, 35, of Ikole-Ekiti to come and help him settle a dispute between himself, Sunday, and an unidentified Igbira man in his farm at Itapaji farm settlement, Ikole-Ekiti.


“On arrival at the farm, Sunday Aernan, who had already arranged three of his gang members and informed them of his intention to kill Chief Fatunla Shola, immediately called them out of the bush where they were hiding and waiting for Fatunla. Sunday Aernan then instructed them to apprehend both the chief and Adebo Tadeni, which they did.


“Aernan and his three accomplices; Jonathan Elijah, 19; Aoufa Sule Obasanjo, 24 and Moses Iornal, 24, bound their feet and hands.


“According to their confessional statements obtained, they tortured the chief with sticks and bottles and thereafter, tied him to a tree. They also took Adebo Tadeni to another location and tied her to a tree there.


“Sunday and his accomplices returned to the Chief, set him ablaze and watched him burn to death.

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“Thereafter, they returned to where they had earlier tied Adebo Tadeni, but did not find her because according to her statement, she was able to use her teeth to untie herself and then ran away.


“The incident was reported in our Divisional Police Station in Ikole-Ekiti and our intelligence operatives swung into action immediately. Intelligence information led to the arrest of Sunday Aernan and his three gang members while they were trying to escape from the state, and they have all made confessional statements to have committed the crime.”


The PPRO, however, said the suspects would be charged to court as soon as police is through with the investigation of the case.

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