In Akure: Man sets wife ablaze over non-inclusion of his name on document of landed property

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The wife, Mrs Daniyan eventually died at the Federal Medical Centre, Owo late last month a few weeks after the incident

In Akure: Man sets wife ablaze over non-inclusion of his name on document of landed property

A man identified as Ojo Daniyan has allegedly set his wife ablaze over non-inclusion of his name on the document of a piece of land bought by the wife.

It was gathered that Ojo a welder who is popularly known as ‘Ikan’ wrapped plastic bottles of petrol in some curtains and placed it strategically in their room, lit it from the window side and left his wife who was already asleep in the room in fire.
The wife, Mrs Daniyan eventually died at the Federal Medical Centre, Owo late last month a few weeks after the incident.

Narrating the state of the couple’s life before the incident to Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema), one of the sisters of the deceased, Bosede Adeniyi said the couple had been living in disunity over time.

Bosede explained that, “last month (August 2019) the husband of her sister (Ikan) came from their residence at Enikuomehin Street, Onigarri, Akure to Fanibi to inform me in anger that his wife sold out a piece of land for ₦900,000 and that she had collected ₦700,000 from the money.

“He said he had helped her to secure another 2 plots of land at ₦300,000 each. He said my sister was still having about ₦100,000 left, but refused to share with him from the leftover.

“After narrating his pain, I told him I would inform my sister in order to make necessary adjustment, but he said there was no need for that. He said he just informed me for my information.”

Bosede explained further that Ojo came back the 3rd day, asking her if she had ever heard a situation where husband beat his wife to death before. She said the husband of her sister said to her that he was going to beat her sister to death.

“He said my sister had purchased the new 2 plots of land and that she never included his name on the document of the land. He said she put only her name instead of Mr and Mrs Daniyan.

“He said if he was angry, he could beat her to death. I said may God forbid such anger. I promised him I was going to advise my sister to reverse her decision for peace to reign.
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“Just as he left, I called her wife and informed her of what her husband just said. I subsequently advised her to change her decision and include her husband name in the document of the newly purchased land in the interest of peace.

“One more reason I called my sister quickly was because my daughter, a 3-year-old girl that was with me while the man came said to me to warn my sister to change her mind as quickly as possible because her husband would do the evil he promised.

“I was shocked to hear that from the little girl. I called Mrs Daniyan and told her on phone. God so good we were attending the same church also. When we saw at the church, both of us still spoke extensively on the matter”, Bosede said.

Bosede said her sister said she should not mind Daddy Tope (her husband) on whatever allegation he went around to make against her. She said she excluded his name deliberately from her own property.

“My sister said they bought the first vehicle on their both names (Mr and Mrs Daniyan) and gave it to a commercial driver and her husband singlehandedly collected it back and sold it out without informing her on the ground that the driver was defaulting on payment. She said the same thing applicable to the second vehicle.”

Bosede said a few days later, she was shocked to receive a call that her sister was sick and had been rushed to hospital. She said when she got to her, she discovered that her skin had got burnt terribly.

“My sister told me she returned from travel to meet strange curtains packed at the entrance of their room. She said she believed it was packed there by her husband but she never noticed it was laden with petrol.

“She said she went inside the room to lie in the bed and she was soon fast asleep. She only woke up suddenly later and discovered herself in the strange inferno. She added that she rushed to open the door but the door seemed to have been locked from outside.”

According to one of the neighbours, Ajiboye Ajayi who witnessed the strange fire incident, he said they saw ‘Ikan’ around their house around 11pm that day with a bucket of water shouting for help. He said while they wanted to rush inside to put out the fire, Ojo said they should help him put it out from the outside the house.
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Ajiboye said, “we began to hear noise around 11pm that day and we first thought it was a robbery incident. As we came out, I saw heavy fire reeling out from the window of my neighbour. I saw the man of the house, Ojo (Ikan) with a bucket of water, but he never poured it. While I was trying to put out the fire from the window, he said I should start from outside. I disregarded his suggestion thinking he had become confused and forced the door opened.

“In fact, I never knew his wife was inside and the husband never informed us outside that the woman was inside. As the door got opened, the woman came out and fell on the ground. I asked if she put on candle she said no. She said she did not even lock the door when she entered the room because she was expecting her husband to come and sleep.

“We rushed her to the hospital that night. On the following day, we the landlords came to inspect the house. We discovered some unexploded plastic bottles of petrol about seven strategically placed inside the room.

“They did not use generator in the house except in the shop of the woman. But the woman told us before she died that she noticed the fire came strongly from the curtains brought to the house by her husband”, Ajiboye said.

One 11year-old daughter of the couple, Happiness Daniyan said before her mother returned from travel that evening, her father left them in the shop that he was going to buy petrol at a nearby filling station.

“When he returned from the filling station, he said myself and my siblings should remain in the shop that he was going to tidy up the house before my mummy would come back. He later came back to the shop and made food for us and we all ate. Later we closed from the shop and left to sleep.

“We slept in the parlour while my mummy slept in the room. Though, my mummy had not returned from travel till we slept off that night.

“It was a heavy shout that woke me up in the night that my mummy was burning in fire. I was told she returned from her journey around 9pm. She was taken to hospital. We only had generator in the shop—we have nothing we use petrol for at home.

“My mummy and daddy had been in disunity over time. They disagreed often, but never indulged in beating themselves for once”, Happiness explained.
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However, all efforts made to speak with Ojo Daniyan (Ikan) who is now with the Police at their State Headquarters, Akure proved abortive.

Confirming the incident, the Ondo State Police Public Relations Officer DSP Femi Joseph said the matter is still under investigation.

Meanwhile, reliable sources said that the welder in detention has confessed that he killed her wife over non-inclusion of his name on the document of her landed property.

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