My new year message to you

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Whether they believe in the significance or importance of some specific calendar days or not, as the world clock ticks and hours roll by, they are on the move from one stage of life to the other

My new year message to you

I thank God we all made it to this new year. I am aware this time last year you made some resolutions and set many goals. Did you hold to your resolutions and achieve your goals? If yes, congratulations— I salute your courage. Now you have another 12 months opened to innovations or enhancement of your achievements. But if no, you have another 365 days of chances to try again. 

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A new year could signify a new beginning and chance to live a new life. The beginning of a new year also is often loaded with resolutions and goals hoped to be achieved as the days and months in it roll by. But in no distance in the journey of the year, many resolutions earlier made are dashed while many goals are lost to the consuming realities of life in the journey.

Many people believe that everyday is the same. They attach no importance to some significant events or specific days of the year. The people belonging to this school of thought neutralise all the days, owning to the fact that 24 hours make a day, 7 days make a week and 12 months make a year. They believe, in actual sense, that some days or dates the world attach much importance to are not different from other days, believing the importance or significance of them only exist in our imaginations.

Whether they believe in the significance or importance of some specific calendar days or not, as the world clock ticks and hours roll by, they are on the move from one stage of life to the other. They are aging—the natural process that is either adding more strength to them or withdrawing more strength from them.

One attaching no significance or importance to some specific life events may weaken the strength to set or pursue a goal in life. Such a person may lack ability to pay adequate attention to the needs to act as timely as appropriate.

Most times, irrespective of the factors we think are frustrating the reality of our goals; we inadvertently permit them to overwhelm us. Consciously or unconsciously, we allow them to overwhelm us when we drop the goals in the face of challenges, thinking that a future free from challenges is still ahead.

Have you failed before? Have you dashed your new year resolutions severally? Have you once started a new year strong and ended it unfulfilled? My aim is to get you thinking and to inspire you to reach farther, not to go faster either but steadily to make this new year a remarkable success.
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How have other years passed? What swallowed the good intentions you had last year? Though you made resolutions and set many goals, but they were soon unfolded so much disappointment.

You can always restart your life. In computer operation, there are times both successful and unsuccessful application installations would call for restart to allow the computer function fine. The beginning of a new year may be the right time to restart a previously failed life endeavours or continue from where you stopped.

Do you wish to sit for an exam in the latter months of the year? Let it begin with planning in January—reading and studying right from the first day of the year could guarantee a distinction.

‘Time waits for no man’, they say. Do you want to start a business, schooling, career or want to acquire a skill in the year? Start whatever you want to do early enough. Your starting size, in most cases, does not really matter, but your starting time does. What really matter most are the time you start and commitment to what you start. This, to a large extent, determines your success. Remember the new year of today is going to be an old year tomorrow. It could seem a long period of time to you in January, but look back in December you would realise a year is just like a flash of lightning.

Avoid procrastination. We all procrastinate from time to time. This put us at more risk of failing. Whether we are aware of it or not, everybody in this world is in the business of problem solving everyday. Whatever the name given to your daily engagement or however what the exhibition of your gift or talent is bringing to humanity, it is solving problems. So when you procrastinate, you push into the future a phase of the problem meant to be solved today—the cumulative effect of which will come back to hunt you or somebody else.

People come up with all sorts of creative reasons why it can’t be now. Too busy, too broke, too stressed, too risky, too uncertain, too young, too hard, too long or too disruptive etc.? Occasionally those reasons may be reasonably valid but more often, they are insincere excuses. These harmful excuses do not have direct attack on those who give them, but they creep in to manipulate time against them. Before they realise it, their active years have been used insignificantly.

Do you hope for a prosperous new year? Stop procrastinating. If, indeed, you have set goals to be achieved in the year, avoid procrastination.

Fear is a subtle worm that feeds on the confidence and courage in man. It will always appear strong, but when you dare your pursuit courageously, fear will begin to loose its gripe. Left for fear, nobody would attempt any meaningful thing.
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Every great invention and innovation in the world today were once contained in the resolutions, dreams and goals of some courageous people who brought them to a reality. Almost all of them failed severally before they later got it right. A good number of them were unable to complete the assignment they started before they died. One thing that was common to them all is that they dared the risks inherent in their unprecedented pursuits to make those great things happen.

I am sure your life wishes are not deadly risky. They are not unprecedented either. The best way to annihilate fear is to attempt your pursuit with courage. Turn your beautiful life wishes to goals and courageously attempt the demands of achieving them this year.

There is a reason for living; every man is living for a purpose. The way to your purpose could be rough or sometimes it might appear like a mountain. Fear would show it to you as insurmountable, but courage would take you through to its peak bit by bit when you dare it.

I wish you a fruitful year.


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