They shot me on the leg when my brother told them ransom not complete—Kidnap victim

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As they told my brother, in anger, not to call them again, they also shot me on the leg immediately after the call

They shot me on the leg when my brother told them ransom not complete—Kidnap victim

A 60-year-old man, Taiwo Davis who reported that he was kidnapped on the Ado—Akure Road in October, 2018, said he was shot on the leg by one of his abductors when his brother called to inform them that the ransom was yet to complete the amount they demanded from his family.

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Speaking Last Saturday in an interview with Omo Edema on Gongo Nso radio programme on Adaba 88.9 FM, Akure, the victim said he was traveling in his Mercedes Benz car from Ado-Ekiti to Akure when he was kidnapped between Ikere-Ekiti in Ekiti State and Iju in the Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State.

The retired civil servant said the incident happened about a few kilometers away from a police checkpoint.

According to him, “In October 19, 2018, I left Ado-Ekiti traveling to Akure, but when I got to Ekiti state’s boundary between Ikere-Ekiti and Iju, policemen at checkpoint flagged me down for checking. Immediately they finished checking my car, they asked me to go.

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“It was on Friday about 4.30pm. Just as I ascended a hill after the police checkpoint about two kilometers away, a group of five armed suspected Fulani men accosted me. They stop the car in front of me inside which they forcefully dropped the occupant who happened to be a pastor. Just as I tried to reverse my car to avoid them, I discovered a woman was already lying unconsciously on the ground behind my car. So I was left with no option than to stop for them, not knowing that the woman was among them.

“They started to shoot sporadically into the air. They captured the two of us (myself and the pastor), beating us with the cutlasses in their hands.”

Davis said their abductors forced them into the bush and later led them through a path in a cocoa plantation in Ikere-Ekiti as they beat them along.

“After the cocoa farm, we faced a thick bush where there was no footpath either. Sometimes we would crawl our way through in the bush. In where we could not crawl through, they would begin to cut the bush with the cutlasses in their hands to make way.

“Our journey continued from that Friday evening including nights until on Monday when we climbed a rocky mountain to its peak."

The victim said, on their way to the mountain, he observed two decomposing human bodies almost at the same spot—a man and a woman.

“While we were being taken to the mountain, I observed there were two decomposing human bodies in the bush—a man and a woman, probably they were killed by these people or they had died as a result of long trekking. I was very shocked when I saw them. They took us pass them without making any comment about the dead bodies”, recalled Davis.

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The 60-year-old man said both them and their captors did not eat any food or drink water throughout their journey to the mountain.

When asked what was their communication like, Davis said one of the captors understood pidgin English while others were speaking their local language.

“It was another tough experience when we got to the peak of the rock where we spent four days without food. They only allowed us to drink from a stagnant water on the rock.

“Like I said earlier, they too did not eat throughout the four days trekking to the mountain, but when we got there, I observed they ate once a day.

“They would place a phone call to a lady (food vendor) they mentioned as Funke from Iju and inform her the type of food they would like to eat. Shortly, two of them would leave to bring the food. They would eat rice, eba and roasted chicken. It was tempting watching them eat those food while we continued in our lasting hunger. It was as if Funke was making everything ready for them.

“They spoke to Funke in pidgin English that is why we their victims could understand their conversation with her.

“When we wanted to sleep in the nights, they would tie our hands to our back with twine and place us in the middle, three among them would sleep around us while two would be on guard with their arms well positioned. After two to three hours another two would take over and the first two would go and sleep too”, explained Davis.

The sexagenarian said, apart of him and the pastor, no other victim was brought to the bush throughout the eight days they spent with the kidnappers.

The victim, on the body of whom varying degrees of machete cut were inflicted, said the kidnappers placed a small-sized locally made knife before his eyelid and pierced his skin downward to his nose.

“The height of this horrific experience was reached on Thursday when they informed me that they would kill me if the ransom they demanded would not be made ready on Friday. So, my younger brother, Idowu now called them on Friday morning around 10.30am that the family had raised some amount of money but still remained ₦200,000 to complete it. As they told my brother, in anger, not to call them again, they also shot me on the leg immediately after the call”

The retired civil servant explained that the Fulanis were taking Indian hemp, tramadol and other drugs he could not recognise.

The victim also said that the abductors told them that their boss lodged in a hotel in Akure.

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“Another person they did call frequently was the person they described as their boss. They said the boss lodged in a hotel in Akure. They received calls from him often and updated him with the happenings in the bush.

“They became a little bit friendly with us when they have successfully collected the ransom from our families. It was this time they revealed that they do not normally come out to Kidnap people in the day time. They said they come out 5am—7am or 4pm to perpetrate the act.

“They also said they had been to Otun-Ekiti in Ekiti state, Kabba in Kogi State and many areas in the Eastern part of the country.”

According to the victim, he said they later set them free on the Friday—the eight day around 11am, having collected the ransom.

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“When they set us free around 11am on the eight day, we began to ramble from that hour in the bush with my leg swollen up. We were able to come out to the road around Police Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti Road, Akure about 9pm.

“As we came out to the roadside, we stopped a commercial motorcyclist who took us to the Police station at Iju in the Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State.

“The DPO ordered that I should be taken to General Hospital in the town because of the blood gushing out of my leg. But I pleaded with the police to allow me go to Ado for treatment in order to be closer to my family”

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