Category: September 2019

Cultism and Abatakan killing: reminder to the public and Oyo commissioner of police

Posted date: 2019-09-21 16:10:11

It makes both subjective and objective security sense to view this unpleasant incidence as the catastrophic proceeds of ritual murder in Nigeria

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I gave my pubic and armpits’ hairs, urine, feces and saliva to prophetess: Church sealed off, Prophetess suspended

Posted date: 2019-09-21 15:34:09

"We can’t continue to be watching while witchdoctors take over the pulpit and corrupt the work of God in our hands"

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Xenophobic violence in South Africa and Nigerian misplaced priority

Posted date: 2019-09-12 14:48:03

Also, developmental policies to industrialising Nigeria to encourage local investment and investors as well as small businesses should be the priority of government at all its tiers.

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I gave my pubic and armpits' hairs, urine, feces and saliva to prophetess to prevent my husband from marrying second wife—housewife confesses

Posted date: 2019-09-07 18:34:13

A few days after, the minister informed me that she had burned those items and made available in powder which she asked me to take home and be mixing it with ewedu soup for my husband’s food for seven days

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Xenophobia: South Africa should remember the past

Posted date: 2019-09-06 05:45:41

No matter the intensity of the flame in their late speeches of condemnation and intending actions on the xenophobia, south African leaders cannot exonerate themselves completely from this faint-hearted act

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