Venezuela ‘flying device’ explosion: President Maduro says it was assassination attempt

Category: Reports | Posted date: 2018-08-05 13:39:59 | Posted by: Mercy-Babs News

"It was a drone that exploded in the air in my very eyes”,  Maduro said. 

Few hours after Saturday flying device explosion in Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro said it was an attempt to assassinate him.


A live broadcast of National Guard’s 81st Anniversary on Saturday at a military yard, where the President was delivering his speech was suddenly terminated. And the president was evacuated into safety.

The sudden termination of the live transmission was caused by a nearby loud explosion. Before the transmission was cut, the camera spotted several soldiers looking into the air and running scarily.

President Maduro was speaking about economy of Venezuela when the incident occurred. Maduro and his wife, Cilia Flores alongside others on the podium at the military event suddenly gazed up and startled before the transmission was aborted.

While speaking with newsmen few hours after the incident, the president said it was attempt to assassinate him.

“It was a drone that exploded in the air in my very eyes”,  Maduro said. 

Earlier, the information Minister of the country, Jorge Redriguez said the president had taught the ‘flying device’ was a pyrotechnics display in honour of the event. He added that why the drone just exploded, there were several other noises of loud explosion nearby.

The president said investigation would be taken to the root of the matter.