About Us

About Us

This is Mercy-Babs Communications’ Official website– a private owned social justice crusading media organization established to investigate, expose and report the ills in the society with full collaboration and involvement of security agencies. Mercy-Babs Communications:
i. Sensitizes the public on the trends of crime and evil in the society, suggests possible ways to avert them and enlightens the people on how not to fall victim of them;
ii. Gathers intelligence and investigates the act of wickedness of man against his fellows, and reports it to the law enforcement agencies;
iii. Mediates peace;
iv. Rescues the society from decadency through educative and informative Radio, Television and Online programmes presentation.

Mercy-Babs Communications is a house of Independent Activist Radiovision Presenters whose duty is to sustain the required confidence and doggedness to speak out the truth through sincere information management and presentation on radio and television stations against the perversion of this age.

On Radio

Mercy-babs Communications shall continually provide and update you with audio broadcast of its mysterious investigative news/report as presented on the radio. This shall be found under the category, 'On Radio' in the category tray of this site. Missing a radio programme as at the time of live presentation does not matter as same shall be made available without any alteration on the On Radio category. 

Mercy-Babs live/online radio/television programmes presentation may be presented in the rich Yoruba or English Language depending on the matter in focus.

Gongo Nso  shall provide and update you in English Language with the comprehensive details of the informative radio/television programmes as presented immediately after presentation for wider publication, understanding, contribution or suggestions on the matter in focus.

Apart from Mercy-Babs investigative news/reports, national and global news are updated on this website daily as they are breaking.

OmoEdema TV on the header tray of this site is meant for HD visual news/reports from Mercy-Babs Communications.

Another interesting tool on the category tray of this site is Download Content. This enables you to download previous episodes of the radio/television programmes as they were presented. Though, here you may be required to pay a little amount of money, as some files may prompt before having access to them, but all payments are moderately considered and transactions are made in line with online banking system or as it may be instructed by the behaviour of a particular file to be downloaded. Safe transactions are undoubtedly guaranteed.

All files are compressed to minimize disk/memory space and yet are in best standard quality. All download contents are safe and threat- and virus-free.

Business Inquiry
Mercy-Babs Communications is also an advertisement agency with records of good testimonies. We serve as business intermediary in-between commercial organizations and radio/television stations and dailies in Nigeria and beyond. We take advert contracts, dispatch products campaign’s jingles and other media packages, give them the publicity push and commitment they deserve. The nature of our radio/television programmes is of public interest in the areas of coverage as it is all about true life issues and stories with evidences. For this reason, whatever product campaign or advert placed in course of the programmes is given due push and awareness. Also our radio/television programmes are opened to sponsorship/participation from interested reputable commercial or uncommercial organizations with affordable cost implications. Click here to see what people say about us and here for the services we offer. For more information, please contact: