About US

This is Mercy-Babs Communications’ Official website– a private owned social justice crusading media organisation established to investigate, expose and report social ills in the Nigerian public with full collaboration or involvement of security agencies.

Mercy-Babs Communications:

i. Sensitises the people on the trends of crime and perils in their vicinity, suggests possible ways to avert them and enlightens the people on how not to fall victim of them;
ii. Gathers intelligence and investigates the act of wickedness of man against his fellows, and takes steps to addressing it as appropriate;
iii. Mediates peace;
iv. Liberates the mind of unsuspecting victims of perilous men through educative and informative Radio, Television and Online programmes presentation.

Mercy-Babs Communications is a house of Independent and Activistic Radiovision Presenters whose duty is to sustain the required confidence and doggedness to speak out the truth through sincere information management and presentation on radio and television stations against the wiles and prevailing perversion of this age.

Our Vision

To be an educative, informative and activistic media organisation the helpless people can trust and rely on for a hope through the grace of God Almighty. 

Our Mission

To liberate the mind of unsuspecting victims of perilous men and to bring sanity back to the public through sincere informative and activistic broadcast.

Radio Episodes

Mercy-babs Communications shall continually provide and update you with audio broadcast of its investigative news/reports as presented on its radio program.

 Missing a radio episode of Mercy-Babs as at the time of live presentation does not matter as same shall be made available on this category without any alteration. 

Programme Themes/Presentation Language

Current Radio Programme Themes:

i. Gongo Nso and

ii. Ile-Aye

Gongo Nso (terrifying things are happening) and Ile-Aye! (This world!) are activistic radio platforms. They are both about true-life incidents and stories (Iriri Aye) and meant to educate, sensitise and liberate the people and guide the teeming listeners not to fall victim of the prevailing evil; sophisticated insecurity and social challenges of this age.

Presentation Language 

Mercy-Babs live/online radio/television programmes presentation is, most times, presented in the rich Yoruba language, and at times presented in English Language depending on the matter in focus and who or what language(s) involved.

Current Media Platforms

1. Gongo Nso adio programme with Omo Edema on Fresh 105.9FM, Challenge Ibadan. Every Wednesday night at 21.00 (WAT) Nigerian time. Click here to listen  to it anywhere in the world same time.

2Gongo Nso radio programme with Omo Edema on Fresh 107.9FM, Abeokuta. Every Monday night at 21.00 (WAT) Nigerian time. Click here to listen online same time. 

3Gongo Nso radio broadcast on Positive 102.5FM, Akure. Every Saturday night at 21.00 (WAT) Nigerian time. Click here to listen online same time.

4Ile-Aye radio programme on Fresh 106.9FM, Ado-Ekiti. Every Friday night at 20.00 (WAT) Nigerian time. Click here to download the App and listen online same time.

5. Gongo Nso radio programme with Omo Edema on Fresh 104.9FM, Osogbo. Every Tuesday at 20.00 (WAT) Nigerian time.

Official Facebook Page: Omo Edema

Facebook: Omo Edema

Instagram: Omo Edema

Twitter Handle: @Omo Edema

YouTube: Omo Edema

WhatsApp: +2348021177775 

Mercy-Babs Communications also provides and updates you with the news/reports of its informative radio/television broadcasts as presented immediately after presentation for wider publication, understanding, contribution or suggestions on the matter in focus.

Apart from Mercy-Babs investigative news/reports, national and global news are also updated on this website.


Mercy-Babs Communications also serves as business intermediary between commercial institutions/organisations and radio/television stations. We take advert contracts, dispatch product campaign’s jingles and other media packages, give them the publicity push, commitment and monitoring they deserve.

Our airtime platforms are not just about solving societal problems, they are also a good advantage to campaign, advertise or promote reputable businesses and services and get their awareness engraved on the heart of people across all ages.

The Conscious Audience/Active Listeners Survey we recently conducted revealed that our active listeners are between 11 and 78years of age- the age range that cuts across almost all school stages and walks of life.

Gongo Nso and Ile-Aye radio/television programmes are widely and affordably opened to sponsorship/participation from interested reputable individuals, commercial or uncommercial organisations. Click here to see what people say about us

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